London Hoop Fest

In Her Glory had the pleasure of making a light up HULA HOOP sign for this years London Hoop Fest, that was hosted in no other than the Dragons Den on Tanner St!!!

The piece was commissioned by London based hula teacher and goddess Anna the Hulagan, who hosted this spectacular weekend long event along side her hulaing husband Rowan Byrne.

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna at her East London Hula Fit class, where I soon discovered that a) I have the hip movements of a wooden white girl and b) Anna is a pink and glitter addict so it didn’t take long for me to decide on a colour scheme for her letters!









Photos taken by London Hoop Fest



It’s getting close to kick off…WEDDING SEASON!!!

As the summer months approach us, so does wedding season! YAY let the stress begin!!! Nah, I’m only joking (totally not joking), I’m sure you girls are all stress free and organised and have been been pinning every last detail of your big day to your Pinterest mood boards for months, if not years by now.

But in case you haven’t, or you’re just completely addicted, and even though you are sorted, you just can’t help yourself from looking for that other special something. Well, we here at In Her Glory specialise in creating unique floral wedding decorations that will literally light up your day!

As seen on Rock and Roll bride !!

We offer a range of bespoke (faux) flower designs from words and initials, to hearts that come in a range of 6 colours, allowing you to choose the colour way to match your scheme. We’re nice like that.




This is a 3 piece set comprising of the bride and grooms initials and a love heart. These pieces are illuminated with battery powered LED lights so you can place them anywhere during the day and not have to rely on a power supply. They also come with picture hooks so can be hung.





LOVE COUCH LOVElighter lovesidelighter










Starting at £45

Waterfall-Wedding-Tux-Tales-Photography-Rock-and-Roll-Bride_0938 Tux & Tales Photography_Rachel & Neil Wedding 2013_20130624-165733

All In Her Glory Pieces are custom made so if you have something particular in mind and we love a challenge so just drop a line for a chat and a quote xxx

Photos by Facets and Tale and Tux photography


In Her Glory’s studio is located in the heart of Europe’s biggest artist community, Hackney Wick. The area is home to some of the most exciting artists and designers in London, such as Print designer, James Brown,  Fashion designer, Pam Hogg, Jewellery sculptress, Culietta, Art duo, Mr Four Fingers, painter, Rosie Emerson and Duvet Days – creators of upcycled clothing. This is to name but a few, it’s an absolute pleasure working in such a creative, inspiring, and supportive community.

My studio is one of many situated in a gated courtyard that is part of the old peanut factory. We’ve never had the luxury of having a door number on the courtyard, which is a pain in the arse when trying to describe our location to lost couriers, clients and taxi’s. So, I decided enough was enough and took matters into my own hands and made a door sign for my lovely neighbours that  NO-ONE COULD MISS.


IHG in Carol Browns book, Knitwear design

A sneaky wee picture of me working has been featured in Carol Browns book, Knitwear Design.

The book is ‘a practical guide to the dynamic revival of contemporary knitting’ featuring inspiration and advice on the latest techniques and practices from world renounced designers such as Mark Fast, Sandra Backlund Craig Lawrence, Clare Tough and Missoni.

A must have for all with an interest in high-fashion knitwear design.




It’s been that time of year again, Valentines day!!! The one day in the year when we must all be on our best behaviour and try not to argue with our beloved for a full 24 hours. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT (see what I did there?).

Lets face it, Valentines day is a recipe for unnecessary pressure related disaster! Basically one big trip wire for couples. I’m actually in the belief that Valentines day is a cunning joke orchestrated by some amused singlton who wanted to sit back and have a good giggle at the countless arguing couples who are unable to; book their favourite (or any) restaurant, get out of work on time or one half just simply forgot. A subversive day that doesn’t celebrate love but in fact the opposite, mocks it.  It’s a day that allows the unattached to bask in their stress free singleness and be grateful that they will not have to fake gratitude for a pointless cuddly ‘I love you’ tatty bear or any other shitty, generic, last minute present.

So lets face it, Valentines Day is a bit shit and we all expect to be disappointed. This is why we should put an end to pointless arguments and crappy presents this one day every year. What’s the point? Why should we rely on someone else to buy us a crap present that we have to hide at the back of the drawer after a week?


Let’s boycott Valentines Day and celebrate love all year round, couples and singles alike! Giving an amazing gift when someone least expects it has far more impact than Valentines day ever could.

It’s my belief we all deserve bloody great gifts, that’s what In Her Glory is all about!

Illuminated love hearts are the newest addition to the In Her Glory product list. They’re intentionally tacky (optional flash setting, thank you please), bright and garish with a Baz Lurhmann edge. The ultimate fuck you to a Tatty bear. I love them and hope you do too!


















FLOWER HEARTS. Let the love light shine

I decided to start the New Year with a big illuminated flowery BANG!! by introducing my new light up (faux) flower love hearts to In Her Glory’s flower range.

Each heart is approx 65cm wide & 56cm high so looks amazing as decoration for the home (I have one above my bed), and perfect if you’re planning a wedding/party and want to add a Baz Luhrmann, Romeo & Juliet twist!!!

Colours? I’ll leave that up to you. I offer a selection of 6 flower (Red, Yellow, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Cream and Black) and 3 lights (red, pink or white) so you can match the design to your home or party theme.

Valentines introduction cost of £50 + P&P

Email [email protected]

Flower Love Heart Flower Love Heart

Style up Halloween & Day of the Dead

Finally got round to making this custom flower headband for Culietta.I’d like to thank her for the shameless selfie. <3

Gals, with Halloween & Day of the Dead coming up I’ll take orders for these, just drop me an email and we can chat colours!

Starting price £15

[email protected]

custom flower headband

custom flower headband